Member Photo of the Month

July 2022, L. Conboy



26 July 4:30 to 8:30 PM

Whitehall Pool and Tennis Club

We are having our 1st party since 2019! This will be our monthly meeting. Check your emails and the July newsletter for details on how to sign up to come. The Club will pay for members (in good standing) to get in and will also pay for the main dish. We need Members to bring their "special family dish" (and the recipe) to share.

Annual 2022 DUES:

Payment for annual dues should be received by the Club on or before March 1st. Submit check payable to "BCGC" in person or by U.S. mail to Bowie-Crofton Garden Club, P.O. Box 781, Bowie MD 20718. Or pay online with Paypal, IMPORTANT - If using Paypal, indicate in the comment box *Member Name, *Year and Membership Level (Individual, Family, or Junior), and Donation or Other amount (if applicable).


Annual Membership Fees: Individual -- $10.00; Family -- $12.00; Junior -- $2.00


Please consider volunteering for one of these important club positions. Contact the Club President if you are interested,

      • Road Cleanup Chair: This position organizes quarterly road clean up efforts with MDOT Adopt a Road program, one of our priority community service efforts.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors - This City of Bowie Community Services Department volunteer program is designed to bridge the gap between elderly (65+) and disabled residents and adults and organizations looking for ways to reach out and help someone in need. Lawn/Yard work is one of the categories.

NEWSLETTER - Send a few bullet comments of your gardening experiences to to include in the newsletter. Must be received by the 8th to make current month edition.

FACEBOOK - Join our Facebook group. From Facebook search for "official bowie-crofton garden club group" or click on this link,

CALENDAR - For meeting information and other garden-related community events visit our Calendar

OUTREACH - If you would like to actively promote our Club, please print a copy of the flyer created by Denise Cross and post in a public location.