The officers and committee members as of March 2010 were as follows:

President - Jesse Terres
1st V.P., Programs - Neil Potash
2nd V.P., Membership - Brian Swetnam
3rd V.P., Plant Exchange - Joan Walker
4th V.P., Public Relations - Dorothy Bice
Treasurer - Joan Walker
Secretary - Kathleen Beres
Field Trips - Karen Anadol
Historian - Francisco Romain
Newsletter - Donald Sminkey
Webmaster - Donald Sminkey
Hospitality - Barbara Eberstein
Sunshine - Barbara Eberstein
Garden Tours - Kent Winterson
Plant Sale - Gaye Williams

Membership: In March of 2010, the BCGC had 82 families in good standing and 108 total members.

New Website: In February of 2010, Brian Swetnam, the new 2nd V.P., Membership, added the BCGC to a new networking website called meetup.com. This site has over six million users and hopefully will give the BCGC more visibility.

Field Trips:

March 1, 2010: Philadelphia Flower Show - “Passport to the World”

22th Annual Plant Sale: The sale was held on April 24th in front of Bowie Library on Route 450, Bowie, MD.

Adopt-A-Highway Program: Cleanups of Route 197 continued during this year. Linda Snow is now heading up this effort. Cleanup were held on March 13th, May 15th, September 11th and November 6th.

The meeting programs for 2010 were:

  • 01/26: Bert GF Shankman demonstrated his photographic floral art. "Flowers Contain the Essence of Life".
  • 02/23: Sandra Porterfield of Patuxent Nurseries, Bowie, is a Master Gardener. She discussed "New Plants and Ideas for your Spring Garden".
  • 03/30: Jesse Smith a BCGC member and Master Gardener presented her Pruning Demonstration.

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The speakers for 2011 were:

Bowie-Crofton Gardener,
Apr 19, 2021, 12:11 PM