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July BCGC Meeting - Tues. 21, 2015

posted Jul 21, 2015, 7:30 AM by Bowie-Crofton Gardener
A look at the Budget
 The monthly meeting is a week early because of Kenhill Center renovations.  21 July, 7 PM, room 124.

If you can only make one meeting in a year, this is it.  There will be no speaker.  The big topic of discussion is the 2015 budget. There have been periodic updates over the year.  Tuesday is the discussion and vote.  Attached are 2 files for review.  Attachment 1 is the overall annual Club budget.  It continues the various activities of the Clubs like the parties and projects a bottom line of $5800 for discretionary spending.  Attachment 2 breaks out that $5800 into a list of proposals.  The proposals will be explained at the meeting.  Since the $5800 is a projection, there's also a time-phasing to the expenditures if there isn't that much money available so we can dial back the outflow.  There's also a backup list if we end up with more funds.