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2018 Tues., Apr. 24 BCGC Meeting

posted Apr 18, 2018, 10:30 AM by Bowie-Crofton Gardener   [ updated Apr 18, 2018, 10:32 AM ]

Tuesday, April 24th,   7pm Kenhill Center

"New Plants for Helping Feed Baby Birds, Bees and Butterflies" by Elmer Dengler


Excellent quality landscape or starter plugs that are proven for large or small sites.

Many are suitable for patio and pot culture

Affordable prices for establishing pollinator beds

Guidance on what plants for what location

True mostly regional ecotype plants that feed caterpillars, bees and birds

Tested in Bowie by Elmer Dengler, retired agro-ecologist

Come hear a talk on new plants that will be available at the Saturday, April 28th Plant Sale., their care, and how to establish an inexpensive pollinator garden regardless of the kind of property you have.  Wet dry, sunny, shady, or on a patio; there are plants that will work there.

We for the first time will have some wonderful native starter trees and shrubs at the plant sale.  Great way to teach children about the living world around them.  Have them grow together with them.  We also have over 10 new selections, along with many types we have had before, of native pollinator plants; that have been proven to bring butterflies, fed caterpillars, and provide wonderful color to your gardens.  Sadly most of the flowers and perennials sold at most garden centers are not selected to attract and feed butterflies and bees.  Our selections have been carefully tested to do just that. They also come at the amazing garden club price of 2-3 dollars for long lived perennials and 5-10 dollars for very hard to find native trees and shrubs.