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2019 Apr. 27 - BCGC Spring Plant Sale

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2019 Sat/Sun Mar. 23-24 MoM's Save the Dandelion event

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 Sat/Sun Mar. 23-24 MoM's Save the Dandelion event
Volunteer NEEDED!
Bowie Crofton Garden Club supports community events like this being held at MOM's Organic Market. This is great opportunity to meet members of our community that may be interested in joining BCGC or attending the upcoming Spring Plant Sale.

If you have an hour or two to help that would greatly be appreciate. Please contact Elmer Dengler to coordinate your availability.

2019 Tues Mar. 26th - "Please DO eat the daylillies and berries too!"

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Sauteed DaylilliesAn open discussion led by Elmer Dengler retired from USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service and always has lived the life of a gardener since the age of two. 
 Tues Mar. 26th 2019 -
"Please DO eat the daylillies and berries too!" by Elmer Dengler

"Food Scaping" is a hot new topic in urban gardening but you may not know that some of the plants already growing in your yard have culinary value along with their intrinsic beauty. 

Elmer Dengler will share how growing your own food while adding attractiveness to your property can be obtained in even the smallest of spaces. 

2019 Tues 26 - 5G Gardening

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5G Gardening 
 5G Gardening! Things You Need to Do Now; For a Wonderful Garden Later!  
Melissa Vice, John Teasdale, and Elmer Dengler all part of the elected leadership team of the garden club will share on the

The 5G Gardening Experience:

Greenhouse Experiences - Melissa

Getting and Growing seed Under Lights -Elmer

Growing Perennials from Seed -  Elmer

Getting your Soil Tested - John (May be presented in future meeting as time permits.)

Giving back to the club by Propagating what is growing well for you! Elmer and others…

Come to share your experiences as well and bring your questions. 

2019 Tues. Jan 29 - Linda Conboy - Master Gardener

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 MG Plant Cliniccrop tour 2019 Tues. Jan 29 - Linda Conboy - Master Gardener

As we continue to learn from the rich and fertile histories of our garden club members, we are excited to present our January presenter Linda Conboy. She has only been a BCGC member since 2016 but considers herself a lifetime gardener.

Linda will share her experience in the Maryland Department of Agriculture Master Gardener program. She will also share information about Vermiculture and Slot Pots. She rounds out her hobbies with Tai Chi and baking.  Linda generously donates her time to the  Bowie Farmers Market Master Gardeners Plant Clinic booth.


Slot Pots

2018, Oct. 30 Plant Diseases by Howard Waterworth, PhD

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sick plant lrg
 The Tuesday, October 30th meeting of the Bowie-Crofton Garden Club at 7pm at Kenhill  Center will feature a talk by Howard Waterworth, PhD on Plant Diseases. 

We can do everything right and a plant disease can destroy all our efforts. Hear about this wide ranging topic from a professionally trained plant pathologist and former Beltsville, USDA researcher with 35 years of experience working with diseases, and in particular viruses.  Come with questions and concerns and Dr Waterworth will help us understand this complex science; combing his 15 years of work as a Master Gardener with his training and research experience. 

The talk as always is free and open to the general public.  Come grow with us. 
New members always welcome.

2018, Sat. Oct. 20 - BCGC Annual Halloween Party

posted Oct 1, 2018, 6:07 AM by Bowie-Crofton Gardener

 BCGC Halloween Party - main dish and drinks will be provided. Members can bring side dishes and desserts to share. Costumes encourage but not required. Best costume prize will be awarded.

Please RSVP to Carmen Hernandez at BCGC.hospitality@gmail.com or 301-821-5302 to indicate if you are bring a side dish or a dessert.


2018 Sat. Oct. 6 - BCGC Roadside Cleanup

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 The Bowie-Crofton Garden Club members engage in valuable philanthropic services for the community of Bowie. None are more valued than providing Roadside Cleanup on Rt. 197. We will meeting at 8:00 AM Saturday Oct. 6 in the Burger King parking lot on Laurel Bowie Rd. Please wear comfortable clothing, shoes and bring gloves. Grabbers and orange safety vests will be provided. 

You never know what find on this well-traveled stretch of roadway, but cleanup crew members have been known to find money, jewelry, and of course, lots of golf balls. Please contact Roadside Cleanup Coordinator, Deb Forespring at BCGC.rdcleanup@gmail.com.
We will see you there!

2018 Sept, 25 BCGC Mini-Talks - 6:00-9:00pm

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BCGC September Meeting Mini-Talks -  Join us a little earlier at 6:00 pm for Mini-Talks. We have three segments to this month's Topics. 

6:00 pm -7:00 pm
BCGC President, Brian Gollsneider is reprising the very popular "Gardening and More in Afghanistan" for anyone who may have missed it. Come learn about how the gardens grow in this unique climate. Brian experienced cultural variations that prove we are all more alike than we are different the world around.
7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

"Top 10 Online Security Best Practices" by Melissa Vice, BCGC Webmaster and our resident cybersecurity expert. Ms. Vice earned a Masters in Cybersecurity at the University of Maryland and is a Gordon Prize recipient for her work on Insider Threat mitigation. Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) can be a full-time job, however implementing these Top 10 Online Safety Best Practices can provide a layered defense. 

 7:30 - 8:00 Club Business Meeting
 QA8:00 - 9:00 BCGC Q&A on Garden-related member issues.
September is a time when gardens are slowing down in preparation for their Winter rest. This is a great time for Gardeners to review the growing season's "Lessons Learned" and to apply these lessons to Spring. The Bowie - Crofton Garden Club invites you to share any successes or failures with your fellow club members.

Do you have a gardening question that another club member may be able to answer?
Or a success story that could inspire other gardeners? 

Please submit your questions or request to present to the "president@bcgardenclub.org" for this informative meeting. 

2018, Aug. 28 - BCGC Meeting - Local Maryland Orchids

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Tuesday August 28 - BCGC Meeting -  Topic: Local Orchids blooming in late July in Maryland by Jay Tullos
White Fringed Orchid

Platanthera blephariglottis (White Fringed Orchid)

Crested Yellow Orchid

Platanthera cristata (Crested Yellow Orchid)

Purple Fringeless Orchid

Platanthera peramoena (Purple Fringeless Orchid)

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